Simple Joys

Yeah yeah I know the title of this post is cliche - we all have those little things throughout the day that can provide us happiness for an unexpectedly large amount of time. But REALLY. Imagine your life ends tomorrow and you have to give a speech about your life thus far. What’s going to come to your thoughts first - that one time you got all A’s in college or that one night you got a text from a friend you hadn’t talked to in so long? Our best memories are tied to our emotions, not our achievements. Even for me, I’ll remember those late night chats with my mom during high school by the fireplace, the shock of seeing that I stayed up until sunrise talking to a friend, the joy of walking out of the airport and seeing my siblings… My mind doesn’t automatically jump to that one time I got the highest grade in the class or when I found out my college acceptances. Not that they aren’t important, but because they are simply placeholders in our life, a tool for us to chronologically organize our memories. So, center your life around making those memories that you will cherish for a lifetime, not the list of achievements and attributes that will simply fill in the holes for your personality on a resume. Express. Live, Laugh. Love. 

Moving On

I hurt you = I hurt me. Love is such a complicated but beautiful thing. To those of you who have found true love, hold on to it. There’s nothing quite like it. To those of you still searching, stop searching. Just live your life. Love will find a way. I’ve learned its impossible to ignore your past, but its not impossible to move on from it. Make it a part of your identity. Don’t bury it in the dirt and forget about it. Embrace it, remember it, and move on. If, in the future, you feel the need to act on your past, you will. But spend your time now doing the things you love and don’t dwell on what has been done. Remember it, but don’t live it. I don’t know where this introspective post is coming from but if anyone is reading this, thank you. I wanted an outlet for my thoughts, and whether or not you acknowledge that you’ve read this, thank you for simply listening.